Podcast Highlight - Major Gifts with Dr. Lou Traina

Podcast Highlight: Major Gifts with Dr. Lou Traina

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The creators of IMPACTability®: The Nonprofit Leaders Podcast would like to spotlight one of their most successful episodes to date: “Major Gifts, the Difference Maker” with guest Dr. Lou Traina, CFRM. Major gifts are the largest donations a nonprofit receives, but how does a nonprofit determine what a “major gift” is for them? How does major gift fundraising differ from other fundraising activities? How do you start a major gifts program? In this episode, Lou answers these questions and more as he walks listeners through the major gift fundraising cycle.

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Excerpt from Dr. Lou Traina on Episode 16:

“Raising major gifts is very different from other fundraising activities. It typically requires weekly meetings using the principles of moves management, which means managing all the steps of the fundraising cycle with each donor. It requires a significant donor base of individuals, families, and organizations that can make gifts at the level the nonprofit organization is looking for. It requires a Board that can make a major gift themselves at whatever level it is, and a Board willing to go out and ask others to do the same that they have done. The Board is really focused on raising money, and they’re focused on raising major gifts. Finally, it requires the kind of leadership on the Board that can open those doors because it has little to do with sales and everything to do with influence with families and individuals.”

Lou is an expert in the field of major gifts, having served as a fundraiser for more than 27 years.  Lou has led several successful major gift campaigns for Florida SouthWestern State College, Hodges University, and the Diocese of Venice. His passion for fundraising serves as a vehicle for increasing the impact of nonprofits and helping organizations achieve their missions. In his current role as a nonprofit consultant with Soukup Strategic Solutions, Lou specializes in Board and Foundation governance, advancement development, collaborative leadership, investment giving, and organizational leadership. Lou is also an Impact Coach, working individually with nonprofit leaders to enhance their fundraising skills.

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